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IP over HTTPS ("IP-HTTPS", "MS-IPHTTPS") is a Microsoft network tunneling protocol. The IP-HTTPS protocol transports IPv6 packets across non-IPv6 networks. It does a similar job as the earlier 6to4 or Teredo tunneling mechanisms.

Microsoft preference when deciding between transition protocols[edit]

Microsoft used to discourage IP-HTTPS use because it was slow.[1]

For Windows Server 2012, Microsoft changed the internal workings of the protocol, and IP-HTTPS is now the "preferred IPv6 transition technology" for their "DirectAccess" VPN technology.[2]


  1. ^ Tom Shinder (2010-03-30). "More on DirectAccess Split Tunneling and Force Tunneling". Microsoft. The problem with IP-HTTPS is that it should be considered, and is instantiated as, a protocol of last resort. [...] the primary reason being that it’s the lowest performing of the IPv6 transition technology protocols.
  2. ^ Robert Mitchell (2013-11-11). "Tip of the Day: Direct Access and IP-HTTPS". Microsoft. IP-HTTPS is now the preferred IPv6 transition technology for DirectAccess.

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