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IRIS example screenshot.jpg
Screenshot of IRIS DMS functionality and map.
Developer(s) Minnesota Department of Transportation
Initial release May, 2007 (2017-05-26UTC20:07)
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English, uses I18N
License GNU General Public License (V2)
Website Mn/DOT IRIS site

IRIS (Intelligent Roadway Information System) is an open-source Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) software project developed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. It is used by transportation agencies to monitor and manage interstate and highway traffic. IRIS uses the GPL license.

Functional areas[edit]

Supported hardware devices[edit]

  • DMS
    • NTCIP Class A, B, C
      • Addco, Daktronics
      • Skyline: full sized DMS, VSL, scroll signs
      • Wanco portable DMS
    • DMS XML: a simple XML protocol for interfacing with external DMS systems
  • Road Weather Information System
    • Optical Scientific ORG-815 Optical Rain Gauge
    • SSI
  • Traffic cameras
    • PTZ: Manchester, Pelco D, Vicon, Infinova
    • Switchers: Pelco, Vicon
  • VDS
    • Canoga
    • Wavetronix SmartSensor 105
    • Wavetronix SmartSensor 125
    • EIS RTMS (UDP)
    • EIS G4
    • Caltrans URMS 2070: UDP, TCP, TCP Re-ID
    • Sensys
  • Tag readers
    • Bluetooth: Iteris Velocity
    • Bluetooth: Acyclica
    • Transcore Encompass 6 Multiprotocol Reader

Minneapolis / Saint Paul IRIS System[edit]

The IRIS implementation in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul region consists of:

  • DMS: 135
  • VDS: 5452
  • RWIS: 4
  • Cameras: 476
  • Ramp meters: 433
  • LCS: 194 (most can also be used as DMS)
  • Lane marking: 1 (in-road lighting)
  • Static sign with wig-wag beacons: 2


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