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The ISLES (Irish–Scottish Links on Energy Study) was a project to facilitate the development of offshore renewable energy sources, such as wind, wave and tidal energy, and renewable energy trade between Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It assessed the feasibility and developed a conception of creating an integrated offshore transmission network connecting the renewable energy projects' sites located off the west coast of Scotland, north and east coasts of Northern Ireland, west coast of the Republic of Ireland and in the Irish Sea with onshore grids.[1][2][3][4] It was a joint project between the governments of Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, which is partly funded by the European Union's INTERREG IVA Programme.[5] The funding from INTEREG was about €2 million.[6]

The ISLES project was announced at the meeting of Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism of Scotland Jim Mather and Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources of Ireland Eamon Ryan in Glasgow on 7 June 2008.[3] The project was managed under the Special EU Programmes Body. The contract to undertake the feasibility study was awarded to a consortium led by RPS Group and its final reports were delivered to the inter-governmental steering group in late-2011.[5][7][8] The findings were disseminated at the conference in Glasgow on 23 November 2011. According to these findings, there are no technological barriers to ISLES and the project is feasible, although landfall points throughout the three jurisdictions have significant constraints due to environmental issues. It would cost about £1 million per each MW of installed capacity.[9]

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