I Am You Are

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I Am You Are
I Am You Are.jpg
Studio album by Jennifer Gentle
Released 2001
Genre Psychedelic rock
Acid rock
Label SillyBoy Entertainment[1][2]
Jennifer Gentle chronology
I Am You Are
Funny Creatures Lane
(2002)Funny Creatures Lane2002

I Am You Are is the début album by the Italian psychedelic rock band Jennifer Gentle, released in 2001.[1]

Track list[edit]

  1. Sound Check
  2. Sweet Girl, I Love You!
  3. Rubber and South
  4. Rudy's Key Balls
  5. No Mind in My Mind
  6. Bring Them
  7. Always Been Together
  8. The Strumpfhose Melodie
  9. Caterpillar Song
  10. Husbands
  11. The Pilots
  12. Singe I've Seen the Seas


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