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I Nyoman Masriadi (born 1973) is a painter and a leading artist of the post-Suharto era in Indonesia. His works have gained a collectors base which includes prominent collectors in and around the region.[1]


Masriadi was born 1973, in Gianyar, Bali. Masriadi received his training in art at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta (ISI). The visual imagery and narratives in his paintings are derived from keen and intelligent observations of social life and behavioural traits. His visual vocabulary is striking, continuously refreshing and contemporaneously relevant.


In Bali, where he was born, there were two traditions of painting - a sacred one and one of words for a Western audience - but his relationship to these is indirect. Masriadi received his training in art at the Institute Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta. From the time he was an art student, he had already been recognized by peers as one of the very first contemporary Balinese artists who eased himself away from an encompassing concern with Balinese life, culture and traditions in his works. He is reputed to have stood in front of the canvas on a cardboard box to restrict himself from any distractions and fidgety behavior; to learn the skill of painting.

The visual imagery and narratives in his paintings are derived from keen and intelligent observations of social life and behavioural traits. His visual vocabulary is striking, continuously refreshing and contemporaneously relevant.Early works show him sparring with Western modernism in the guise of cubism but meshing it with caricature, the language of street advertising and graffiti. The way he has overdrawn his finished paintings with a marker can best be seen as a means of inscribing himself in or against that tradition.

"Masriadi: Black Is My Last Weapon," was the artist's maiden solo show at the Singapore Art Museum which was co organised by Gajah Gallery in 2008. The exhibit spanned Masriadi's 10-year career and explored the evolution of his signature black-skinned figures, a motif now widely copied by other Indonesian painters.

Masriadi's works are marked by consistent high quality — thoughtful in the messages that transmit from scenes and figures in his pictorial world, and painstakingly detailed in execution and finish. These qualities have led him to receive positive reception from the art collecting world at large. He is Southeast Asia's most well-received contemporary artist at auctions;[citation needed] the appreciation of his works is a testimony to his forte and talent as a painter as well as a barometer of the ascendency of Southeast Asian contemporary art.

Awards & accolades[edit]

He was awarded the prize for Best Painting at the Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta in 1997. He has participated in group exhibitions in Australia and the Netherlands, and in Indonesia: In Bali,Singapore,Jakarta, Mungkid (Mageland), Solo, Surabaya and Yogyakarta.[2]

Masriadi is one of Southeast Asia's most well-received contemporary artists at auction.[3]


Selected solo exhibitions[edit]

Year Exhibition Venue/Represented By Country
2011 Nyoman Masriadi – Recent Paintings Paul Kasmin Gallery New York
2011 Nyoman Masriadi – Recent Works Gajah Gallery Singapore
2008 Black is my last Weapon Gajah Gallery / Singapore Art Museum Singapore

Selected group exhibitions[edit]

Year Exhibition Venue/Represented By Country
2012 India Art Fair (former India Art Summit) Gajah Gallery New Delhi-India
2012 Art Basel - Switzerland
2012 Art Stage Gajah Gallery Singapore
2011 Art Stage Gajah Gallery Singapore
2010 Art Paris + Guests - Paris-France
2010 New Directions Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai China
2010 Art Basel Miami - USA
2009 In Rainbow Esa Sampoerna Art House Surabaya
2009 Jogja Biennale X - Jogja-Indonesia
2009 The Simple Art of Parody Museum of Contemporary Art Taipeh (MoCA Taipei) Taipei
2006 Expression of an Era Garis Art Gallery Padma Hotel Bali
2005 Beauty and Terror Galerie Loft Paris
2002 Not Just Political H. Widayat Museum Magelang
2002 Terumbu Karang, Exhibition and Auction - Jakarta
2002 Group Exhibition One Gallery Megelang-Central Java
2002 Terumbu Karang, Exhibition and Auction - Jakarta
2002 Age-hibition Edwin’s Gallery Jakarta
2001 Kelompok 7 Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
2001 - Museum of Modern Art Moscow - Russia
2000 Seni Rupa Campur Beeldende Kunst (CBK) Dordrecth-Netherland
2000 Figur di Abad Baru Edwin’s Gallery Jakarta
1999 Masa Kini Artoteek Den Haag and Centrum Beekdende Kunst Dordrecht-Netherlands
1999 Biennale VI Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
1999 Knalpot Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta
1999 Duet Exhibition with I GAK Murniasih Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta
1999 Group Exhibition with Mahendra Mangku & Nyoman Sujana Komaneka -
1998 Sanggar Dewata Indonesia Exhibition Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
1997 Kelompok 7 Exhibition - Sanggar Dewata Indonesia Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
1996 Young Artist II Exhibition Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
1995 - Dies Natalis Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta
1994 Hitam Putih + Plus an exhibition of Kelompok Prasidha Indonesian Art Institute Gampingan-Yogyakarta

Notable works[edit]

The Man From Bantul (The Final Round)[edit]

Sotheby's (Hong Kong): Final Price HK$7,82 million, or US$1,000,725. The sale of this work, a triptych conveying the resolve of the human spirit, marked a record for a contemporary Southeast Asian art piece at auction. It sold for about five times its estimated price.[4][5]

Attack from Website[edit]

This painstakingly rendered commentary on the art world and art practices of the 21st century sold for US$935,844 at Christie's Hong Kong as a lot in their Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art (Evening Sale) on May 25, 2013.[6]


At Christie's first auction in Shanghai, Masriadi's mixed-media piece Fatman, was sold for US$757,547, the highest price ever paid for a similar sized work of the artist.[7]

Jago Kandang (Home Champion)[edit]

Sotheby’s (Singapore): Final Price US$370,668.

"Placed into the social and political context of Masriadi’s home country of Indonesia, it however simultaneously conveys a deeper story as he captures both the spirit and psyche of today’s society. The emotions that are demonstrated by the football fans in the background–on the far right, anger; elsewhere, cheering supporters waving the national flag and banners carrying the words “Indonesia”–are indicative of Masriadi’s cultural sensitivity and sharp humour."

'Jago Kandang' is ranked No.1 in Sotheby's Top Ten Contemporary Southeast Asian Paintings according to C-Arts Asian Contemporary Arts and Culture Magazine, Vol.03 2008.[8]

Jangan Tanya Saya Tanya Presiden (Don't Ask Me, Ask The President)[edit]

"One painting by Indonesian artist Nyoman Masriadi was expected to sell for up to $25,000 (in 2007). In the end, a Southeast Asian collector paid SGD$360,000 (HK$1,854,000) for it, setting a world record price for a Masriadi painting."



Nyoman Masriadi: Recent Paintings, April 7 - May 14, 2011[edit]

Paul Kasmin Gallery catalog, presented in collaboration with Gajah Gallery. Essay by Benjamin Gennochio.

Nyoman Masriadi-Reconfiguring the Body[edit]

Book Launch
Book Cover
15 Postcard Set

Despite Masriadi's contribution to and influence on Indonesian art there has not been, until this book, much written discussion of his work. This is long overdue. Nyoman Masriadi- Reconfiguring the Body brings a much needed intellectual discourse to Masriadi's work. That it has come together with such clarity and depth of expression can be attributed to two years of hard work by the author-editor, T.K.Sabapathy. His efforts to access first hand photos, articles and various bits of information have resulted in a thorough consideration of the evolution of Masriadi's art practice. Goenawan Mohamad uncovers the local complexities and richness of contemporary Indonesian society and experience. No writer is better able to lend such elegance to that most difficult of tasks - unlocking the culture, language and voice of artists in Indonesia.

Masriadi: Black Is My Last Weapon[edit]

Singapore Art Museum presented Masriadi: Black is My Last Weapon in collaboration with Gajah Gallery which featured over 30 works completed in the past decade. It was published on the occasion of the Masriadi: Black is My Last Weapon exhibition from 22 August to 9 November 2008. Presented by curators Seng Yu Jin and Wang Zineng in four thematic sections, with each theme serving as a weapon, in the sense of an apparatus for engagement, to the interior world of the artist.

Group exhibition postcard set[edit]

A set of 15 postcards were designed as a commemorative piece for Gajah Gallery's 15th year anniversary celebration. The set is a compilation of work by Ahmad Zakii Anwar, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, Jumaldi Alfi, M. Irfan, Mangu Putra,[10] Nyoman Masriadi,[11] Teng Nee Cheong and Yunizar.[12]

Selected press[edit]

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