I Ran Away with a Truck Driver

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"I Ran Away with a Truck Driver"
Teen-Age Romances No 23.jpg
Teen-Age Romances; No. 23
Author Matt Baker, (possible)
Country United States of America
Language English
Series Teen-Age Romances
Genre(s) Romance
Published in Teen-Age Romances; No. 23
Publication type Comic book
Publisher St. John Publishing
Media type Print
Publication date August 1952

"I Ran Away with a Truck Driver" is a 9-page romance comics story published in Teen-Age Romances, No. 23 by St. John Publishing in August 1952 with art (and possibly script) by Matt Baker. The story tells of a small town girl rebelling against parents who want to send her to a girls' college. She would rather attend a coed school. However, she runs away to Chicago with a handsome young truck driver who promises her thrills galore. He steals her money and abandons her in the city. Disillusioned, she returns to her parents, abides by their wishes, and enters a wholesome relationship with a decent local boy. Like many other tales from the romance comics, "I Ran Away with a Truck Driver" depicts the suffering undergone by a young woman who believes she wants thrills but, disillusioned, returns to the quiet life. The story reiterated traditional male perspectives on female behavior.