I Think I See Myself on CCTV

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I Think I See Myself On CCTV
Studio album by Disciplin A Kitschme
Released 1996
Recorded 1996, The Fortress, London
Genre Alternative rock, funk, jazz fusion, noise rock, drum & bass
Length 57:12
Label Babaroga, Tom Tom Music
Producer Black Tooth
Disciplin A Kitschme chronology
Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja
I Think I See Myself On CCTV
Heavy Bass Blues

I Think I See Myself On CCTV is the fifth studio album by the Serbian alternative rock band Disciplina Kičme, but the first to be released by the London version of the band working under an alternative band name Disciplin A Kitschme. The album was released by the Tom Tom Music for former Yugoslavia and Babaroga records for the United Kingdom, the latter label was founded by the band themselves, and all the UK albums were released through the label. Most of the material on the album featured rerecorded versions of Disciplina Kičme songs, featuring lyrics in English language.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Black Tooth and arranged by Disciplin A Kitschme.

No. Title Length
1. "Enter" 0:46
2. "Behind Nine Hills" (Originally released as "Iza 9 brda" on the 1990 album Zeleni Zub na Planeti Dosade) 6:11
3. "Oh Why?" (Originally released as "Zašto" on the 1986 album Svi za mnom!) 6:19
4. "Is That Really All?" (Originally released as "Zar je to sve" on the 1990 album Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja) 6:56
5. "I've Got Those Teknicolor Eyes" (Originally released as "Novac neće doći" on the 1985 EP Ja imam šarene oči) 8:36
6. "Do Not" (Originally released as "Nemoj" on the 1983 album Sviđa mi se da ti ne bude prijatno) 4:42
7. "Have You Ever Heard Of Any Other Rhythm?" (Originally released as "Da li znaš za neki drugi ritam" on the 1990 album Nova iznenađenja za nova pokolenja) 5:30
8. "U.S.P." (Originally released as "Ovo je zvuk" on the 1986 album Svi za mnom!) 2:25
9. "Queueing (99 And One Half Day)" 8:06
10. "Children Song" (Originally released as "Dečija pesma" on the 1988 EP Dečija pesma) 7:57


The band[edit]

  • Black Tooth (Dušan Kojić) — bass, vocals [shouting], producer, mixed by, written by, artwork by [design] (as Koya)
  • Gofie Bebe — vocals, percussion
  • Beat (Pete Warren) — drums

Additional personnel[edit]

  • Winnetou — castanets
  • DJ Illusion Excluder — mixed by (tracks: 1, 5, 8, 9)
  • Johan Tamashi — photography
  • Andreya — photography
  • Leo — photography
  • Emina — photography
  • Dan (Dan Swift) — recorded by
  • Shaun (Shaun Harvey) — recorded by, mixed by