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Ian Clarke may refer to:

  • Ian Clarke (computer scientist) (born 1977), Irish computer programmer, the original designer and lead developer of Freenet
  • Ian Clarke (physician) (born 1952), Irish-born physician, missionary, philanthropist, businessman, resident of Uganda
  • Ian Clarke (flautist) (born 1964), British classical flute player and composer. Professor of flute at the Guildhall College of Music and Drama
  • Ian Clarke (drummer) (born 1946), drummer with the group Uriah Heep from 1970–1971 and Cressida
  • Ian Clarke (soccer) (born 1975), Canadian soccer player
  • Ian James Clarke (1931–1997), New Zealand rugby player, farmer and rugby administrator
  • I. F. Clarke (Ignatius Frederic "Ian" Clarke) (1918–2009), British bibliographer and literary scholar; winner of the Pilgrim Award
  • Ian Clarke (born 1956) British writer, amateur golfer and web site designer

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