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Ian Joseph Gorst
Ian gorst in the royal square.JPG
Chief Minister of Jersey
Assumed office
18 November 2011[1]
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor John McColl
Preceded by Terry Le Sueur
Personal details
Born (1969-12-15) 15 December 1969 (age 47)[citation needed]
Political party Independent
Spouse(s) Dionne Gorst
Children 1 daughter

Ian Gorst (born 15 December 1969[citation needed]) is the Chief Minister of Jersey and an elected member of States of Jersey since 5 December 2005.[2] He previously worked as an accountant.


Gorst was born into a farming family in the Lune Valley, Lancashire, England, and left school with A-levels in history and business studies (grade E) and went on to work in insurance before going into banking and accountancy.[3] He was a member of the UK Conservative Party before leaving the United Kingdom. He met his wife Dionne (née A'Court), a Jerseywoman, while she was studying nursing in England, and the couple moved back to Jersey.[2]

Electoral history[edit]

Gorst was elected to the States of Jersey as one of the Deputies for St Clement in the 2005 elections, coming second with 930 votes.[4] He was re-elected in 2008 when he topped the poll with 1,112 votes.[5] In the 2011 general election he successfully stood for one of the four Senators' seats, coming second out of 13 candidates.

Gorst was re-elected in the 2014 general election with 14,035 votes (9.6% of the vote share), the highest of any Senatorial candidate. He is currently serving his second term as Chief Minister.

States of Jersey[edit]

He was elected Chief Minister of Jersey in November 2011.[6]

Between 2008 and 2011, Gorst was Minister for Employment and Social Security in the Council of Ministers.[7] During his period of office, a system for redundancy payments was introduced,[8] the income support system was criticized,[9] state pension retirement age was raised from 65 to 67;[10] and a new system for funding care in old age was put in place.[11]

In 2005, Gorst was appointed as an assistant minister in the Chief Minister's Department, with responsibility for decisions about migration and human resources.[12] In July 2007, Gorst became an assistant minister to the Minister for Treasury and Resources, with responsibilities including the review of accounting functions, investment matters, internal audit and procurement.[13]

Gorst has served as chairman of the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission.[14]

Voluntary Work[edit]

Gorst is the Deputy Chair of Governors at Le Rocquier School, a member of Le Squez Youth Club Management Committee, and a member of NSPCC Pathways steering group.[citation needed]


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