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Not to be confused with Ian Paisley.

Ian James Parsley (born 3 May 1977) is a businessman and former, part-time politician from Northern Ireland. He was the Alliance Party candidate at the 2009 European elections,[1] and served as Deputy Mayor of North Down.

He attracted considerable criticism and caused much controversy by switching to the Conservatives and Unionists[2] as a parliamentary candidate for North Down in the 2010 General Election, but later that same year he left the Conservative Party having completed a year-long project with the Centre for Social Justice and subsequently rejoined the Alliance Party.


Parsley was educated at Merchant Taylors' School and Newcastle University, graduating in Modern Languages.[citation needed]

Parsley currently works in public relations, as a media commentator on languages, welfare reform and football, and is a Director of Northern Ireland Screen.[3] He is also Chair of the European Movement in Northern Ireland.


Parsley is a writer in and about Ulster Scots[4] and, despite having run against her at the 2010 General Election, he has campaigned alongside Lady Hermon on support for people with dementia and their carers. [5]


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