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Ibillo is a small town situated in the Akoko-Edo Local Government area in Edo State in Nigeria.. Ibillo is surrounded by several neighboring towns/villages including Ikiran Oke, Imoga, Ekpesa and Lampese which are all part of the Twenty two communities said to make up the Okpameri group, all within the Akoko-Edo local government area with the LGA headquarters in Igarra. Ibillo is a peaceful community and is arguably the commercial hub of the local Government, being a stop-over town for travelers from Nigeria administrative capital, Abuja to Nigeria’s commercial/financial capital, Lagos. The population includes people from other ethnic groups in Nigeria living and doing business in the area.


Very little is documented about Ibillo history of origin, but Oral tradition believe that the people migrated from Yoruba land. The people engage in such occupations as farming, trading, wood processing and pottery. The land is fertile and she has a large market relative to other Akoko-Edo communities. The market is located along Ibillo – Abuja express way. Ibillo have four quarters and rulership is rotated among these quarters.[1]