Ibrahima N'Diaye

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Ibrahima N'Diaye (born 2 May 1948) is a Malian politician who served in the government of Mali as Minister of Employment and Vocational Training. He was also Second Vice-President of the Alliance for Democracy in Mali (ADEMA).[1]

N'Diaye was born in Kayes.[1] At ADEMA's Constitutive Congress, held on 25–26 May 1991, he was elected as Deputy Secretary for Solidarity.[2] He was subsequently elected as the Secretary-General of ADEMA at the party's First Ordinary Congress in September 1994;[3] after five years in that post, he was instead elected as ADEMA's Second Vice-President in October 1999.[4] He also served as Mayor of Bamako, the capital, from 1998 to 2003.[1]

While speaking on television on 6 March 2001, N'Diaye said that magistrates in Mali were corrupt; together with Sidiki Konaté, the director of state television, he was accused of defamation by the Malian Union of Judges. In mid-May 2001, he and Konaté were sentenced to one month in jail and fined 1.5 million CFA francs.[5]


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