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Itapuca stone and Icaraí beach

Icaraí is the name of a beach and its surrounding neighborhood in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The word Icarahy, in the ancient Tupi language, is composed of i (water) and carahy (blessed).

Icaraí is a residential district of Niteroi. It is located on the Campo de São Bento. Sports are practiced on the beach, including volleyball, beach football, and walking. There is an active nightlife, and a Fluminense Federal University unity next to the beach offers cultural programs. The gymnasium Caio Martins is located next to Icaraí, usually offering shows.

Icaraí beach has faced problems with water pollution. The beaches are full of people exercising, promenading, taking their dogs for walks or sunbathing.

Many fashion shops and malls can be found in Icaraí. There is a cinema and all kinds of stores. Fast food can be found in the area and there are pizza restaurants.

Coordinates: 22°54′26″S 43°06′37″W / 22.90725°S 43.11018°W / -22.90725; -43.11018