Icon Derelict DeSoto

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Icon Derelict DeSoto
Manufacturer Icon Automobile
Production 2012
Designer Jonathan Ward
Body and chassis
Related 1952 Chrysler Town & Country
1952 DeSoto Sedan
Engine 6.1L SRT OHV 16-valve V8
Transmission 6-speed automatic

The Icon Derelict DeSoto is a one-off rat rod, modified from a standard 1952 Chrysler Town & Country by ICON. It uses a Chrysler Hemi V8 engine, and features the front end from a DeSoto.


The Derelict DeSoto was originally built as a Chrysler Town & Country Wagon in 1952, but was rebuilt by Icon into a rat rod as part of their Derelict line.[1] The car features the front end from a 1952 DeSoto sedan, whilst it retains the Town & Country's original rear end.[2] The standard Chrysler Hemi V8 engine was replaced by a 6.1-litre, 425 hp (317 kW; 431 PS) SRT Hemi V8, as used in the Dodge Challenger SRT-8; a 6-speed automatic transmission was also fitted.[3]


Hot Rod Magazine tested the car in April 2011, and were generally positive.[3] They praised the car's reliability and driveability, although David Freiburger criticized the placement of the fly-by-wire throttle, and both testers criticized the cupholders.[3] In 2012, it was featured on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage.[1]


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