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Icy Spicy Leoncie, also known as Leoncie, is a musician best known for her "overt sexuality, fast-changing hairstyles, and prolific music-video output".[1][2]


Leoncie is an Indian-Portuguese composer, singer, and musician, who has studied music at Trinity College Of Music London.[3] She released her first album in 1985, My Icelandic Man and has produced and released most of her albums on her own.[3][4]


Reception for Leoncie's work has been negative to mixed, although her album sales soared due to being a gag gift. Terra.com has compared Leoncie to the Peruvian entertainer[5] Tigresa del Oriente.


  • Story from Brooklyn
  • My Icelandic Man (1985)
  • Love Message from Overseas (2003)
  • Invisible Girl (2005)
  • Radio Rapist-Wrestler (2005)
  • Pukki Bollywood Baby (2008)
  • Wild American Sherrif (2009)
  • Dansaðu Við Leoncie (2011)
  • Gay World (2012)


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