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Roses in vase by Ida Bothe (1885).

Ida Bothe was an artist and educator in the 19th century. Born in Germany, Bothe moved to Boston, Massachusetts, ca.1880s.[1] She exhibited work in the Boston Art Club, 1881 (a black-and-white "study head ... as masculine as, or even more so than, anything of a similar kind shown by the sterner sex");[2] and the National Academy of Design (1884-1885).[3][4] She established a reputation as a painter ("a new and remarkably vital talent.")[5] Bothe taught art at Wellesley College, 1882-1890.[6] In 1890 she married Baron Ehrenfried von Voss[6] and returned to Germany, to "Cunnersdorf, bei Hirschberg, Schlesien."[7]


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Further reading[edit]

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