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Ida Elionsky was a champion long-distance swimmer and handicap swimmer. She was the first woman to swim around the island of Manhattan.[1]


She was the sister of Harry Elionsky, also a champion swimmer of that era. She set the long distance swimming record on September 24, 1916 when she swam around Manhattan, 40 miles (64 km), in 11 hours and 35 minutes.[2] She had her brother tied to her back.[3]


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  2. ^ Glenn Stout (2009). Young Woman and the Sea: How Trudy Ederle Conquered the English Channel. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. ISBN 0-618-85868-7. ... and a woman, Ida Elionsky, had done the same in 1916, completing the swim in eleven hours and thirty-five minutes, two hours faster than Dowling. The swim was challenging but was as much a matter of planning as athletic skill. ...
  3. ^ Information annual. 1917. Ida Elionsky set a long distance swimming mark Sept 24, that was said to be a record for a woman when she swam around Manhattan Island- covering forty miles in 11 hours and 35 minutes. With her brother, who weighs 265 pounds, so, ...

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