Ideologi Sikap Otak

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Ideologi Sikap Otak
Studio album by Ahmad Band
Released 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Rock / Pop rock / Alternative Rock
Label Aquarius Musikindo
Producer Ahmad Dhani

Ideologi Sikap Otak is a studio album by Ahmad Band and was released in 1998 in Indonesia; the title translates into "The Ideology of Brain Attitude". The album is considered Dewa 19 frontman Ahmad Dhani's solo project. The entire album was written by Dhani with the exception of one track, "Aku Cinta Kau dan Dia", which was co-written with Bebi.

In the same year, the music video for the single "Distorsi" was nominated for a national video award, achieving the runner-up position.

In 1999; Dhani, with Dewa 19 and Ahmad Band guitarist Andra Ramadhan (professionally known as Andra or Andra R.), also released a song for the film Kuldesak. The track was released as a CD single and become a massive hit in Indonesia; in addition to winning the MTV Southeast Asia Viewer's Choice Award 2000. Although also one of Dhani's non-Dewa releases, the track was not featured on the album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Distorsi"
  2. "Dimensi"
  3. "Bidadari di Kesunyian"
  4. "Sudah"
  5. "Dunia Lelaki"
  6. "Rahasia"
  7. "Impotent"
  8. "Aku Cinta Kau dan Dia"
  9. "Interupsi"
  10. "Gairah Tak Biasa"
  11. "Ode Buat Extrimist"

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