Idle Working Men's Club

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The club's logo, depicting a workman leaning on a shovel
The Idle Working Men's Club

The Idle Working Men's Club is a working men's club in the village of Idle, a suburb of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England.

The club was established in 1928 by workmen from a local sewage works who found that their shift working arrangements and the pub licensing hours left them unable to have a drink after work.

The humorous pun in the club's name has attracted interest from around the world. The club has benefited by granting honorary memberships to people who would not normally fit its criteria for membership. Present honorary members include Mohammed Al Fayed, Paul Gascoigne, Uri Geller, Roger Moore, Tom O'Connor and Lester Piggot.[1] Richard Whiteley and Michael Jackson were also honorary members.[2]

In keeping with the tradition of many working men's clubs, Idle Working Men's Club supports a number of charities, most notably the children's cancer charity Candlelighters.[3]

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