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Full name Trabzon İdman Ocağı Spor Kulübü Derneği
Founded January 20, 1921
President Mehmet Öz
Coach Vehbi Serdar Arz
League Türkiye Amatör Futbol Şampiyonas(Turkey Amateur Football Championship)
Website Club home page
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Trabzon İdmanocağı
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[1] İdmanocağı was a Turkish Sports club based in Trabzon. They had a strong rivalry with another club, İdmangücü which matched the Istanbul rivalry between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. İdmanocağı was often compared to Galatasaray, partly because of this rivalry and partly because of their red and yellow colours. The club discontinued in 1967 when they were forced by the Turkish Football Federation to merge with İdmangücü with two other local clubs, Karadenizgücü and Martispor to form Trabzonspor.

Founded the first club in the city of Trabzon. The largest share of the development of sporting activities in Trabzon, a very well established club. Turkey has been fighting Amateur Football squad. The club also has women's volleyball team, which plays cureently in Turkish Women's Volleyball League since 2014–15 season.


Restructuring of employment for young people in Trabzon after the First World War, to the development of football in the efforts engaged in survival. These young people all over the city, they found an empty plots continued to run after the ball. Meanwhile, a high school French teacher Burhanettin KahyaoğIu, Physical Education teacher, Sami Bey, Rashid Hıfzırrahrnan Oymen, Tevfik YunusoğIu, and Ali Kemal Özsubaşı YusufoğIu'nun led the effort to establish a group of young people entered into the first club in Trabzon. All districts of the city has seen great support to the efforts of these young people. Initiatives happy ending on January 20, 1921, and punctuated the first club was established in Trabzon. Yellow and red colors of the club as "İdmanocağı" is named. Trabzon on February 10, 1921 "İdmangrubu" established a new club name, Trabzon was played between these teams in the first official karşıIaşma. This encounter resulted in İdmanocağı'nın 3–0 victory.

Two deep-rooted club

The two leading clubs later, with the participation of teams SanayiMektebi MuallimMektebi and, since September 1921, established the first official and local leagues. Also won the championship in this league İdmanocağı. Clubs 1921–22 season, this time with "B teams" were among the first champions of a league was still İdmanocağı. Turkey and the Turkish sports this is the first organization in the establishment of the Alliance of Societies Sport All Anatolian shown that the effect of the spread in Trabzon. As a result of this effect began to establish new clubs. İdmanocağı, İdmangücü, Necmiati and Trabzon High School, within the high school bearing the name of the establishment of a new club, the club has reached the number 4.

Great competition

After 1923 in Trabzon, a major competition between İdmanocağı and İdmangücü started. Trabzon almost "Ocaklılar" and "Güçlüler" was divided into two. Trabzon was exalted at the competition between these two teams can be said of football. Dimensions of competition was so great that over time, to be presented in Trabzon, Turkey, the main cause of late was the leagues. However, the quality of football in the city's contention between the two clubs has increased with each passing day.

Was the first official league matches played in Trabzon in 1923. İdmanocağı first season champion. 1923–24, 1924–25 seasons back to back championships in Trabzon High School (Trabzon Lisesi) team placed first in İdmanocağı was still watching the 1925 season. Until 1929 before the High School, behind the Teacher's School, Commerce High School teams then arrived at the happy ending.

The 1924 Paris Olympics athlete SüleymanKuğu İdmanocağı struggling in Turkey National Olympic Team for the first international athlete who holds the title of the city was taking.

In 1927, upon invitation by taking it to the staff of the celebrated actor, also came to Trabzon Ciciko'yu "Caucasian of All Star", with TrabzonLisesi won his first match 7–1, the second match İdmanocağı – play with a of All Star Trabzon Lisesi lost 2–1. This is their first international victory in football as a result of Trabzon made history.

After 1930 with the great competition between İdmanocağı İdmangücü reached peak. 1929–30 champion after being İdmanocağı'nın 5 times in a row after the 1934–35 season onwards İdmangücü full 7 years in a row to reach the happy ending completely ignited the rivalry between these two teams.

Champion of champions

Power switches to a high school football teams in the 1940s in Trabzon. Full 6 times in a row to win the championship is the most important indicator of these teams. Especially in a high school football player has been the source of Trabzon.

Championship since the 1947–48 season with the İdmanocağı of İdmangücü change hands. Starting in the 1930s İdmanocağı – İdmangücü competition, the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s has continued in full force.

Even the worst seasons of competition, two teams waned. Trabzon was divided in half so that the "Ocaklılar" yellow-red as Galatasaray in Istanbul. "Güçlüler" was to support the green and white colors, although Fenerbahçe.

Competition this as a raged. In fact, the prime beneficiary of this great competition football Trabzon. First of all, a passion for football in the city had risen. This major competition has resulted in massive stars born in Trabzon, a large claim. However, the people of Trabzon migration of foreign cities the ordinance, the fate of football stars in the 1930s Trabzon had influence. Many of these players had to leave town for the sake of higher education. These names go in Istanbul and Ankara continue football in their lives are really big stars.

Hasan Polat and his brother Ali Polat Gençlerbirliği Ankara, Selim Şatıroğlu and Ahmet Karlıklı Galatasaray, Taka Naci ve ZekeriyaBali Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş Nazmi Bilge names were also responsible for that too.

İdmanocağı 1957–58 season, the Amateur Football Championship winner with a goal difference to the same points that had to share with AnkaraKaragücü. For this reason, trophy "divided in half" as both teams are equal.

World record holder İdmanocağı

1958–59 football season, Fenerbahçe to May 61 match played at all had not seen the face defeat. Yellow – Navy Blues this record was considered to be a success. However, all of the match by winning both the league title 65 İdmanocağı the same season, Fenerbahce and also weakened the world's record. İdmanocağı team squad this legend: Captain Sebahattin Canoğlu, İbrahim Küçüktepe, Heydar, Faruk Poyraz, KenanAksu, Abdurrahman Çiftçi, Necati Funda, İhsan Öztürkmen, Osman Burma, Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı, and consisted of names such as Celal Öztürkmen.

Unification of the Clubs

Envisaged the establishment of a provincial team 1962–63 season, all the dorms. Time Turkey Football Federation President Orhan Şeref Apak, Turkey launched a mobilization to spread to the whole country and to strengthen the league. Trabzon, of course, could not stay out of it. However İdmanocağı – İdmangücü Trabzon football competition, which so dominated the two clubs together under one roof seemed difficult.

İdmanocağı Meanwhile, Besiktas match, paired with a first degree in 1965, Turkey Cup match played in Trabzon. Ending the second leg of the match 0–0, İdmanocağı strong by defeating his opponent Yasar 1–0 on a goal Istanbul Dolmabahçe Stadium knocked out the cup. This eventually took its place in history as a success İdmanocağı.

İdmanocağı on June 21, 1966, with the participation of Yıldızspor Martıspor and yellow-red colors of the "Turkey 2nd League" were included.

However, an official letter, was not notified in time for the İdmanocağı'nın "2 League" play was stopped. İdmangücü 20 July 1966, this time, Karadenizgücü, Martıspor and Yolspor'un joined Trabzonspor, was red-white colors. İdmanocağı this formation did not take place.

Stay of execution of the State Council decided to proceed the case was opened again confused environment. The period, Physical Training General Manager Ulvi Yenal is interjected. Then, if the two clubs in İdmanocağı and İdmangücü'nün birleşmemeleri "Turkey 2nd League" to retrieve said.

Night and day to Trabzon after meetings and İdmangücü İdmanocağı clubs merged on August 2, 1967. Thus İdmanocağı, İdmangücü, Karadenizgücü Martıspor with the addition of Trabzonspor was established.

Following the establishment of Trabzonspor İdmanocağı, continues to serve amateur in Trabzon.

Trabzon youth are given the opportunity to fight in different sports. Living the largest branch in Trabzon, basketball in particular has contributed. The region has achieved the provincial championships. İdmanocağı basketball team, after playing Displacement Regional League, 2003–04 season, League 2 'to attended.

Restricted opportunities tried to fight but did not succeed. Handball and volleyball teams over the years that make up the branches in the provinces on the basis of these has successfully İdmanocağı. Archery in the national athletes from time to time in this branch comprising yellow-red and the club has worked to serve the sport of Trabzon.

The city and country, football players of all time-saving İdmanocağı important precedent in this location in the acclaimed infrastructure activities, as well as athletes, have attracted attention in cultivating a large number of managers and technical man.


  • Trabzon League Winners
    • 1923, 1925–26, 1929–30, 1930–31, 1931–32, 1932–33, 1933–34, 1948–49, 1949–50, 1953–54, 1957–58, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1960–61, 1961–62, 1962–63, 1964–65
  • Prime Ministers Cup runners-up
    • 1965–66

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