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Ignacio Echevarría (Barcelona, 1960) is a Spanish literary critic and editor.

Echevarría was a staff member of Spanish newspaper El País.,[1] until its editors removed him in 2004 for a vituperative review of El hijo del acordeonista by Basque writer Bernardo Atxaga.[2] The novel had appeared in Alfaguara, a publishing house then owned by the same media group as the newspaper. His ousting prompted a letter of protest signed by writers, editors and regular contributors.[3]

Echevarría has been mistakingly taken for the literary executor of Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño,[4] but the Bolaño Estate has categorically denied this assertion ever been true.[5]
In 2007, Echevarría was called "Spain's most prominent literary critic"[6] in The New Yorker.


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