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İhlas Haber Ajansı
Industry News agency
Founded 1993
Headquarters İstanbul, Turkey
Key people
Enver Ören (founder)
Parent İhlas Media Holding
Website http://www.iha.tv

İhlas Haber Ajansı (IHA; English: Ihlas News Agency) is a Turkish news agency which was founded in 1993. IHA is one of the leading video news agencies in the world. According to a BBC survey, IHA is the third biggest news agency worldwide based on criteria such as rapid access to international news, capacity of live footage and the number of technical facilities in foreign countries.

IHA has outweighed its regional and international competitors and has become the number one source of news from the Middle East. IHA is an immense source of visual and text-based news. Each day it processes an average of 125 video news segments, 800 text-based news stories and 450 photographs that reach its subscribers.

Having 13 offices with 700 reporters using more than 400 cameras, IHA has a huge capacity for generating news in many forms. The IHA inventory includes 24 fixed, flyaway and satellite uplink systems as well as 40 total uplink paths

"Ready to Air" news[edit]

IHA is able to provide camera crews, editing, satellite transmission, logistic support, news info, archive pictures and office equipment to the correspondents of its subscriber companies as a package to cover any kind of news required.

Satellite Data Casting System[edit]

IHA uses the Satellite Data Casting System (SDC), which enables compressed video data files to be sent to its clients in broadcast quality, without delay, at almost real-time. With just one mouse click, its subscribers can watch the preview of the stories in high quality format.

SNG trucks[edit]

SNG trucks of IHA can also be deployed to Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, and the Caucasus upon an international crisis.

IHA trucks have provided uplink, editing and satellite services from Rome (Öcalan crisis), Baghdad, Kosovo, and the 1999 earthquake in Turkey for many worldwide television stations. IHA has 78 Data link Stations in Turkey, all of which are equipped with Betacam SP/SX and digital editing facilities, A/B Roll as well as post production suits.

Current customers[edit]

Some of the current customers of IHA are: Nova TV (Croatia), American Broadcasting Company, Abu Dhabi TV, Alpha TV (Greece), Al-Alam News Network, Al Jazeera, DR (Denmark), Dubai Business Channel, Egypt TV, IRIB, Khabar, LBC, MEN, N24, Sat.1, Pro7 and TV 2 (Norway).

IHA also has regular cooperation with CBS, CNN, Fox TV, NBC, NHK, RAI and, ZDF.

Reporter died after helicopter crash[edit]

A reporter of IHA from Sivas, İsmail Güneş, who accompanied Great Union Party's (BBP) leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu at his campaign before the local elections, died following a helicopter crash on March 25, 2009 in Kahramanmaraş Province. He had initially survived the crash with injuries as the only one, and reported the accident in the mountainous area with deep snow, at which the pilot and four other passengers were killed. Güneş was found five days later far away from the crash site perished from cold.

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