Il gatto mammone

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Il gatto mammone
Il gatto mammone.jpg
Directed by Nando Cicero
Written by Raimondo Vianello
Sandro Continenza
Music by Carlo Rustichelli
Cinematography Alfio Contini
Release date
Language Italian

Il gatto mammone is a 1975 Italian commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Nando Cicero.[1]


The Sicilian man Lollo Mascalucia, small pasta factory owner has been married to Rosalie for seven years, pretending with all his fellow villagers that he doesn't want a child and hiding in this way the "sterility" of his wife, along with various stratagems. Lollo however, after the death of his uncle becomes the only remaining heir of the Mascalucia family, and therefore resumes its idea of fathering. So, after an agreement with his wife, he find a girl, already mother, willing to give him an heir. But the child does not even come out with the young girl: it's clear now that to be sterile is Lollo and not his wife. Rosalia will at last give him the longed son, using a "substitute" of her husband.


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