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Ilan Shiloah (born in 1957) is an Israeli businessman, and former CEO of McCann Erickson-Kesher-Barel, Israel's largest advertising firm.[1] He is the active Chairman of McCann WorldGroup, Israel, which consists of McCann Erickson, Universal McCann and McCann Digital. He is also the Chairman of the performance marketing company Matomy Media Group, and Chairman of The Time; a technology startups investment company. Since 2003, Mr. Shiloah has served on the Executive Board of McCann Erickson EMEA.


Shiloah was born in Maoz Haim, a Kibbutz in northern Israel. Drafted to the army in 1977, he served in the Special Forces unit Sayeret Matkal.
After completing his service, Mr. Shiloah obtained a BA in Economics & Management from Tel Aviv University, where he also achieved an MBA. In 1995, Shiloah was appointed as the CEO of Kesher-Barel,[2][3] which later became McCann Erickson Israel (now part of McCann Worldgroup Israel). McCann Worldgroup Israel today numbers about 400 employees, has an annual business turnover of USD250 million and has been ranked as the No. 1 advertising agency in the country over the past 15 years.

Between the years 2009-2011 Shiloah sold his shares in the company to the global McCann Erickson Worldgroup. Today, he is the active chairman of the group in Israel.[4]

Shiloah is the active Chairman and major shareholder of Matomy Media Group,[5] a performance-based marketing company, privately held with over 350 employees. Matomy[6] was founded in 2007 and has seven branches worldwide, among them are branches in Israel, San Francisco and New York City.[7] Matomy is one of the leading global Performance-Based Marketing Companies and has revenue of USD 230 million annually.

Shiloah is the co-founder, a major shareholder and the Chairman of The Time;[8] an investment company focusing on young innovative technology startups in the areas of new media (T.I.M.E). The Time had invested in dozens of start-up companies in the new media market, during the last few years (two examples being MySiteApp and Getonic[9])


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