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ILAUD (or I.L.A. & U.D. International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design) is the acronym for International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design. Founded by Giancarlo De Carlo in 1976 on the same concepts that led to the founding of Team X. The laboratory in 27 years of existence has accepted some of the most prestigious international architects, often personal friends and colleagues of the director Giancarlo De Carlo (among others Peter and Allison Smithson Sverre Fehn Renzo Piano, and so on.) Bringing students from around the world to think and design in Italy. The ILAUD took place in a systematic way each year during the summertime in some of the most picturesque Italian city such as Venice, Siena and Urbino. While in the Tuscan city, the ILAUD participants studied the recovery of the Santa Maria della Scala in Siena. In Venice many projects were made concerning the city itself and its surrounding. None of them were actually realised nor considered by the city Administration, although there were public exhibitions held.

Has produced numerous publications as a result of proposals made by the host city.

ILAUD Alumni[edit]

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Siena,  Italy - 1988

Venice,  Italy - 2002

Venice,  Italy - 2003

Participant Professors/Architects[edit]

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