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Delta 100
Ilford Delta 100 Professional 135 film cartridge 03.jpg
MakerIlford Photo
TypeB&W print
Format35mm,[1] 120, sheet film
ApplicationGeneral, portraits
Delta 400
Ilford Delta 400 - Black & white film.jpg
PushEI 3200/36°
TypeB&W print
Format35mm, 120
ApplicationGeneral, sports
Delta 3200
PushEI 3200/36° or much more
TypeB&W print
Format35mm, 120
ApplicationGeneral, sports, low-light

Ilford Delta is a series of photographic films manufactured by Harman Technology Limited. Delta films are tabular-grain black-and-white films, [2] and originally released in 400 ISO only to compete with Kodak's T-Max film.[3]

Ilford recommends Delta 100 and 400 as replacements for the discontinued Agfa APX100 and APX400 films, respectively.[4] Delta 100 can be used at ISO speeds of 50 to 200.[5]

Delta 3200[edit]

The 'Delta 3200' product is not actually rated at ISO 3200/36°. Its speed is only 1000/31° following the ISO methods, but it has a very wide exposure latitude. Thus it can be successfully push processed to EI 3200 or 6400, or even 12500.[1] Delta 3200 was introduced in 1998, 10 years after Kodak's similar T-MAX P3200. It replaced Ilford's high speed 'HPS' film.

Delta 400[edit]

Delta 400 can also be pushed to EI 3200.


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