Illegal Aliens (film)

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Illegal Aliens
Theatrical poster
Directed by David Giancola
Produced by Mary Beth French
Zorinah Juan
Anna Nicole Smith
Daniel Smith
Written by Ben Coello
Starring Anna Nicole Smith
Joanie Lauer
Cinematography George Lyon
Edited by Nathan Beaman
Justin Bunnell
Distributed by MTI Home Video
Release date
May 1, 2007 (2007-05-01)
Running time
96 minutes
Language English

Illegal Aliens is a 2007 sci-fi/comedy B-movie starring Anna Nicole Smith and former professional wrestler Joanie Laurer. It was Smith's final film.[1] The film received negative reviews at the time of its release.


Guided by a holographic mentor, three aliens take the form of beautiful American women in order to stop an intergalactic terrorist (Joanie Laurer), from destroying Earth.


  • Anna Nicole Smith - Lucy
  • Joanie Laurer - Rex
  • Lenise Soren - Cameron
  • Gladys Jimenez - Drew
  • Patrick Burleigh - Max Sperling
  • Dennis Lemoine - Ray
  • Mark 'Woody' Keppel - Vinnie
  • Michael J. Valentine - Valentine
  • John James - Big Tony


Director Giancola later released the self-narrated documentary Addicted to Fame (originally titled Craptastic) about the making of the film. Composed from extensive behind-the-scenes footage, the documentary captures his struggle to complete and release the film in the long shadow of the life, times, troubles and death, of the film's star and producer, Anna Nicole Smith.[2]

Production Information[edit]

  • Mary Beth French - producer
  • David Giancola - director, executive producer
  • John James - executive producer
  • Zorinah Juan - producer
  • Kevin Rapf - producer
  • Anna Nicole Smith - producer
  • Daniel Smith - associate producer
  • Edgewood Studios - production company
  • Jessica Oulton - makeup


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