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MTI Home Video
DVD Distribution
Founded 1984
Founder Larry Brahms
Headquarters Miami, Florida, U.S.
Owner Privately held

MTI Home Video is a United States-based movie distributor in the direct-to-video market. MTI most often purchases the distribution rights to independent films and televised films that did not see a theatrical run in the U.S., for direct release to DVD.[1]


MTI Home Video was founded in 1984 by music industry veteran Larry Brahms. One of the company's first releases was Freedance, an interactive fitness workout video featuring Marine Jahan from the film Flashdance.[2]

The company was one of the first studios to successfully transfer from VHS to DVD format in 1999 by waiting until the major studios had decided upon standards before changing their business model.[3]

MTI pioneered the sales of DVDs through alternative retailers such as dry cleaners, convenience stores and other non-traditional entertainment retail outlets in 2004.[4][5]


The company releases an average of forty films each year and partners with studios such as the Asylum, Artist View Entertainment, Bedford Entertainment, Delta Entertainment, Fangoria Presents, and Redrum Entertainment.[6][7] Although mostly known for releasing titles in the B-movie genre such as Sharknado and Stalked at 17; MTI has a line of family-oriented films and has released other independent films such as Bloom[8] and Nate and the Colonel.[9]

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