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Imagini was a London-based software firm founded in 2006. It uses images instead of questions to do marketing tasks such as psychographic marketing research[1] and social networking.[2] Using Imagini's "VisualDNA" technology, Web visitors respond to queries such as "My biggest vice is..." or "My idea of love is..." by clicking on images, and software algorithms analyse the choices made to learn more about that particular person's preferences, likes and attitudes; then, a profile is constructed of the person which the firm describes as that person's Visual DNA.[1] One software application matches up a person's choices with that of others in a database, and suggests possible others with similar dispositions and worldviews.[3] An additional application takes consumer's responses to images and uses this information to write a person's personal profile which can be used in places such as online dating sites.[4] Information obtained by Imagini software can be used by web marketers to develop a better understanding of consumer preferences.[5] In 2007, The Guardian noted that Imagini had high-powered financial backing.[3]


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