Imerius of Immertal

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Saint Imerius of Immertal
Born ca. 570 AD
Died ca. 620 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast November 12
Attributes Depicted as a hermit with a bird of prey.

Imerius (Himerius, Imier, Immer) of Immertal (d. ca. 620 AD) was a monk, hermit, and missionary in the Swiss Jura. The name of the town of Saint-Imier refers to him.

Imerius was born in Lugnez, a small village in the Canton of Jura about 570. He spent some time in Lausanne and made a voyage to Palestine. After he had returned he lived in the valley of Saint-Imier as a hermit. The legend says that Bishop Marius of Lausanne gave him the piece of land at Saint-Imier as a present, but this legend is historical very uncertain. In the 9th century, a monastery was built over his tomb.


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