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This article is about the final novel of The DemonWars Saga. For the album by Overkill, see Immortalis (album).

Immortalis is the third book in the second DemonWars Saga trilogy by R. A. Salvatore. The book is also the last of seven books in the combined DemonWars Saga.

Plot summary[edit]

The final novel of The DemonWars Saga brings all of the main players from the previous two books together to combat the evil still residing in the land. With the end of this novel, and the final destruction of the evil presence, the Saga concludes.

In the first part of the novel, the recently deposed Queen Jilseponie Wyndon Ursal helps to organize the supporters of Prince Midalis Dan Ursal against her demonically-influenced son Aydrian.

Aydrian leads the royal army, with the help of Marcalo De'Unnero and Duke Kalas, to establish himself as king of all the known world. He even leads his army to invade Andur'blough Inninness, the Valley of Mist, home to the Touel'alfar elves. Their ruler, Lady Dasslerond, sacrifices herself to cast a spell that makes the valley impossible to find. Her people are trapped away from their homeland, but are able to flee from Aydrian. The spell can't be broken unless Aydrian sacrifices fatal amounts of his own blood.

Aydrian's primary enemy besides Prince Midalis is the Abellican Church. He systematically eliminates all of the monks that oppose him, culminating in the book's climax when he captures the Church's leaders at the monastery of St.-Mere-Abelle. In this battle, Prince Midalis's forces, including all of the living rangers and the dragon Agradeleas, do battle with Aydrian's army. When Aydrian realizes his mistake in allowing his mother to live at the end of Ascendance, he summons the spirit-zombie of his father Elbryan Wyndon to defeat her.

By the end of the final climactic battle, the ranger Andacanavar, Father Abbot Fio Bou-Raiy, Marcalo De'Unnero, and Sadye are all dead. Jilseponie revives the consciousness of Elbryan from the spirit-zombie and together they finally banish the demonic force that has been influencing Aydrian. Jilseponie redeems Aydrian of his past wrongdoing over the next decade, and he is an entirely new person by the time of her death in God's Year 857. After her burial, he agrees to sacrifice his life to break the spell on Andur'blough Inninness. When he breaks the spell, and after that cleanses the demon's taint from the valley, everyone is surprised that he survives. The spirits of all the dead rangers had lent him enough strength to gain the benefits of sacrificing his life without actually dying.