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Jump to: navigation, search (which comes from Imperial Conspiracy) is a German (to English translated) website where people can buy metalcore-scene based clothing. They have clothes for boys and girls. They also sell concert-tickets and other media and accessories.

Imperial History[edit]

At first Impericon was named Imperial Clothing, but because of a clash with a brand company in Italy they were forced to change their name. They gave the choice to the people, whether they were going to name themselves Imperation (Imperial Generation) or Impericon (Imperial Conspiracy). By choosing ‘Impericon’ they avoided this brand collision and were still able to do what did before and what they are standing for.



Impericon sells a lot of Merchandise from a wide variety of bands, from tour headlining bands like Despised Icon and A Day to Remember to underground bands like Ingested and Annotations of an Autopsy . They have merchandise from over 250 bands which is usually only available at concerts and festivals.


With nearly one-hundred brands Impericon also has a big streetwear collection with clothes from Puma and Vans to Yackfou and Fullbleed. Impericon also sells a lot of shoes and accessories.


Impericon also sells a lot of tickets to Hardcore concerts.


Impericon sells a lot of accessories as well, like bags, wallets, socks, headphones and snap-back hats.


In Italian territory Impericon has an other name, Liveyourmusic (it is the official slogan of the website), due to copyright restrictions. The Italian version of the site was opened in late 2015.

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