Imperium Vorago

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Imperium Vorago
Studio album by Chimp Spanner
Released January 2005
Genre Progressive metal, djent, ambient
Length 55:10
Label Unsigned
Producer Paul Ortiz
Chimp Spanner chronology
Imperium Vorago
At the Dream's Edge

Imperium Vorago the debut album by the progressive metal project Chimp Spanner. It was released in January 2005 independently. When Chimp Spanner signed to Basick Records, the album became available on the iTunes Store.

The album consists of the following tracks:

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Chimp Spanner.

No. Title Length
1. "Clarity in Chaos"   6:32
2. "Spirals"   4:43
3. "Broken"   2:24
4. "Smiles & Cries"   6:03
5. "Hour 11"   1:41
6. "The Last Day"   6:31
7. "D.O.A"   1:33
8. "Jacob's Ladder"   5:57
9. "Threering" (Contains the hidden track "Core" starting at 16:07) 19:41
Total length:


Chimp Spanner
  • Paul Ortiz - guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, and production

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