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Imre Czomba
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Background information
Birth name Imre Czomba
Born (1972-09-09) September 9, 1972 (age 45)
Genres Theatre Music, Film score, Songwriting, Video game score
Occupation(s) Composer, Film composer, Theatre composer, Video game composer, Music producer
Instruments Piano, keyboard, Accordion, Synthesizer, Guitar, Flute
Years active 1993–present

Imre Czomba is a highly respected multi award-winning composer, film composer, orchestrator, music producer and musician. A prominent figure in the International music scene since 1993. He has several successful Theatre Shows and he has scored numerous Film and TV productions. He was born in Hungary, but he lives in Los Angeles, California. He has composed the Hungarian National Day's Fireworks in 2008 and 2009.

Early life[edit]

At an early point in his career, Imre was inspired by the blues, which can be clearly heard in his piano playing. He has been a member of several top blues bands and has performed on the same stages with B. B. King, Sting, Zucchero, Pink and Robben Ford. Imre has appeared on over 110 albums and as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, music producer and musician. He has been the recipient of 18 Gold, 14 Platinum and 4 Double Platinum albums. In the pop music world his most notable success was with the band Nox, who went on to win a number of local awards, including the Golden Giraffe, which is the Hungarian equivalent of the American Grammy.


In 2000 Imre's career took a different turn when he was asked to compose music for several successful plays such as Merlin Theatre's Deathtrap. That experience lead to a meeting with choreographer Sandor Roman with whom Imre developed the unique harmony of dance and music for ExperiDance. The dance group is committed to the heritage of Hungarian folk dance. Imre is successfully composing an outstanding music repertoire built around Hungarian folk music but also manages to step outside its boundaries. This new musical direction has turned into a romantic and grandiose part of world-music. These stage-shows are regularly played on the main stages of Budapest's top theaters, and in bigger cities countrywide as guest-performances. He has many successful musical plays, for example Birth of a Country(2007). The shows were performed with 250 dancers and 10 singers at Budapest's most famous Hero Square. Untouchables(2012) played at the Margaret Island Open Air Stage and The Taming of the Shrew (Makrancos Kata)(2013) played at the RaM Colosseum.

Sporting Events Official Songs[edit]

In 2006 Imre also got the opportunity to compose the official song of the 2006 European Aquatics Championships. Sport lovers all over the continent enjoyed the song and it went platinum on the day of its CD release. This led to Imre composing the Hungarian Olympic Team's official song in 2008, the Judo European Championship's official song in 2013 and Evgeni Plushenko's Russian National Championship and Winter Olympic Music.

Theatre works[edit]

  • 2016 Penetration – Fringe Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • 2016 Benyovszky (Orchestrator) – Budapest
  • 2016 Nostredamus – Budapest
  • 2015 I, Leonardo – Milano
  • 2014 A Night in Venice – RaM Colosseum, Budapest
  • 2014 Játékkészítő – (Score Composer) Tüskecsarnok, Budapest
  • 2013 The Taming of the Shrew – RaM Colosseum, Budapest
  • 2013 Radnóti – RaM Colosseum, Budapest
  • 2012 Untouchable – Margaret Island open Air Stage, Budapest
  • 2011 The Person of the King – RaM Colosseum, Budapest
  • 2009 Happines 69:09 – Palace of the Arts, Budapest
  • 2008 Measure for measure – National Dance Theatre, Budapest
  • 2007 Essence – Beijing
  • 2007 The Birth of a country – Hero Square, Budapest
  • 2006 Festen – Pesti Theatre, Budapest
  • 2006 Gypsies of Nagyida – National Dance Theatre, Budapest
  • 2005 Steel, legend of the metal – Bolzan Urban Theatre
  • 2002 Revans – National Theatre, Budapest
  • 2001 One Thousand and one year – Szolnoki Szigligeti Theatre
  • 2001 Deathtrap – Merlin Theatre, Budapest
  • 2000 E.Tango – Thalia Theatre, Budapest

Fireworks Music Budapest[edit]

He was highly honored with an invitation to write music for the Hungarian National Day's fireworks in 2008 and 2009. With over 3 million viewers, it was an unforgettable moment in his professional life.

Television, Film[edit]

He next turned to television as a conductor and a music producer, working on shows such as League of Stars and Csinaljuk a fesztivalt a popular new TV program that features the biggest Hungarian hits of the last 50 years. He collaborated with friends Gabor Erdelyi and Attila Arpa to make the short film The Meldrum house, which won best film at the 2012 American International Film festival and the 2013 FEBIO International Film Festival. In 2013, Imre moved to Los Angeles. Since then he has scored several International Film Productions, and composed music for the Argo2 (Action Comedy), The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh(documentary), Cinema Inferno (documentary) and The Coffin Footage (Horror movie).

Film, Documentary and Tv show's Works[edit]

  • 2017 Beneath the Leaves (orchestrator)
  • 2017 Eva Kolosvary Artist at 80
  • 2015–2017 Celebrity Opera Series at Broad Stage, TV series (music supervisor)
  • 2016 Search Party in Beverly Hills
  • 2016 Last Vow
  • 2015 The Coffin Footage
  • 2015 Argo2, Action Comedy
  • 2014 Cinema Inferno, TV movie
  • 2014 The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh, Documentary
  • 2014 Chance of a Lifetime, Short film
  • 2014 Kényszerszinglik, TV film
  • 2014 Midnight in Hollywood, Short film
  • 2014 Countryside Encounters: Out of the City
  • 2013 Water, Our Past and future, TV series
  • 2013 Matter Death and Life, Documentary film
  • 2012 Becsengetünk és elfutunk, Documentary series
  • 2012 Meldrum House, Short Film
  • 2011 Flow, documentary movie
  • 2011 Nagy duett, TV show
  • 2011 Two Hearts, TV show
  • 2011 Csináljuk a fesztivált VI, TV show series
  • 2010 10 éves az Experidance, documentary
  • 2010 Csináljuk a fesztivált V, TV show series
  • 2009 Fireworks Budapest, TV show
  • 2009 Revolution day Hungary, TV
  • 2008 Csináljuk a fesztivált IV, TV show series
  • 2008 Eon, animation movie
  • 2008 Fire Dance, TV show
  • 2008 És most mi csináljuk a fesztivált, TV
  • 2008 Legend of the dance, TV series
  • 2008 Csináljuk a fesztivált III, TV show series
  • 2007 Mi kérünk elnézést, TV show
  • 2007 Night of the lights, animation film
  • 2007 Impossile Duetts, TV show
  • 2007 Szent István egy Ország születése, TV show
  • 2007 The Hungary is our family, TV film
  • 2007 Csináljuk a fesztivált II, TV show series
  • 2006 Köszönet a szabadság hőseinek, TV film
  • 2006 Csináljuk a fesztivált I, TV show series
  • 2006 Greetings for the Heros of Revolution, TV film
  • 2006 Győzike Show outro
  • 2005 Mr Torma, TV film
  • 2004 Mohácsi vész, Movie (Music arranger)
  • 2002 League of the stars TV Show
  • 2000 E.Tango, TV Show


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