In Silico (Deepsky album)

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In Silico
Studio album by Deepsky
Released February 5, 2002
Recorded 2001
Genre Trance, progressive house, breakbeat
Length 73:31
Label Kinetic Records
Producer Jason Blum
J. Scott G.

In Silico is a full length artist album by the American electronic music group Deepsky. It was released in 2002. The title refers to the largely computer-based production methods employed during the album's creation, where the bulk of the music was composed using softsynths and Emagic Logic Audio 5 rather than external hardware synthesizers and traditional multi-track recorders.

The website AllMusic gave In Silico three stars out of a possible five, with reviewer John Bush stating that the album "has it all: the low attention span of funky breaks, the streamlined groove of progressive trance, even the intelligent production and frequent changeups of techno."[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "View from a Stairway" 7:12
2. "Jareth's Church" 6:36
3. "The Mansion World (Deepsky's Trippin' in Unknown Territory Mix)" 6:01
4. "Ride" 6:33
5. "3 Sheets to the Wind" 5:07
6. "Atia" 6:46
7. "Metro" 6:32
8. "Smile" 4:06
9. "Cosmic Dancer (2002 Remix)" 6:48
10. "Until the End of the World" 8:18
11. "Let Me Live" 9:25
  • All songs written by Deepsky (J. Scott G. and Jason Blum) except for "The Mansion World - Deepsky's Trippin' in Unknown Territory Mix" (E. Blue/Deepsky), "Smile" (Saffron/Deepsky), and "Cosmic Dancer" (provided by Jai Uttal, original track "Hara Shiva Shankara" from the album Beggars and Saints).
  • "The Mansion World - Deepsky's Trippin' in Unknown Territory Mix" is a remix of the song "Mansion World", originally performed by Deadsy from their album Commencement.
  • The song 'Ride' is featured on the snowboarding game SSX3.


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