In the Fishtank 12

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In the Fishtank 12
In the Fishtank 12 cover.jpg
EP by Karate
Released February 22, 2005
Recorded Netherlands, late summer 2004
Genre Post-rock
Length 21:30
Label In the Fishtank (Konkurrent)
Producer Zlaya Hadzic
Karate chronology
In the Fishtank 12
In the Fishtank chronology
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In the Fishtank 12
(2005) In the Fishtank 122005
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(2005) In the Fishtank 132005

In the Fishtank 12 is an EP released in 2005 and recorded by the Boston-based band Karate. Part of the In the Fishtank series released by Dutch music distributor Konkurrent, it would prove to be Karate's last studio recording. Karate broke up later that year due to frontman Geoff Farina's transition into acoustic music on account of suffering from tinnitus. The EP consists exclusively of covers, mostly of songs by seminal 1980s hardcore band Minutemen. This particular recording was the only release in the series during the 21st century to feature a single band; most of the latter releases in the series featured two bands (or in the case of In the Fishtank 9, three bands).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Strange Fruit" – 2:18 (Abel Meeropol)
  2. "The Only Minority" – 1:03 (D. Boon, Mike Watt)
  3. "Tears of Rage" – 4:12 (Bob Dylan, Richard Manuel)
  4. "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" – 1:35 (Mike Watt)
  5. "Need a Job" – 2:20 (Tomas Squip)
  6. "This Ain't No Picnic" – 1:55 (D. Boon)
  7. "Colors" – 2:29 (D. Boon, Mike Watt)
  8. "A New Jerusalem" – 5:38 (Mark Hollis)

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