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Incest Brothers was a Swedish punk rock band formed in September 1978 in Järfälla.

The Band[edit]

The original Incest Brothers was formed an evening in August 1977, but was the band was reformed in September 1978 with many new members.

Together with KSMB and Travolta Kids the band participated on the Bakverk 80 album. Mongo now plays the bass and sings in Köttgrottorna. Johnny Essing plays guitar in bob hund and Bergman Rock.


  • Stefan "Mongo" Enger (bass and vocals)
  • Happy Törnblom (drums and vocals)
  • Johnny Essing (guitar)
  • Sir N Andersson (guitar and vocals)
  • Hazze Johannesson (vocals)
  • Tomas Svensson (bass)
  • Vortex (guitar)
  • Sören Carlsson (drums)
  • Pettersson (organ)


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