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Independents CAN
FounderJim Tait[1]
Founded10 April 2019; 2 years ago (2019-04-10)
IdeologyClimate change action

Independents CAN, formerly Independents For Climate Action Now (ICAN), is an Australian political party which was registered on 10 April 2019.[2] It seeks to prosecute policies relating to climate change, such as planning for climate change related emergencies and phasing out fossil fuels to replace with renewable energy.[3]

In 2018, lead candidate Rod Bower announced the party would run in the 2019 federal election for a New South Wales senate seat "to give a voice to the marginalised".[4] The party would emphase policies surrounding "climate change, refugees and basic human rights".[5] The party did not win a seat, receiving 0.6% of all votes.[6]

The party changed its name from "Independents for Climate Action Now" to "Independents CAN" in 2021.[7]

Senate Candidates[edit]


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