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Type Local
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Trønder-Avisa
Publisher Inderøyningen AS
Editor Stig Leinan
Founded 1993
Political alignment Neutral
Language Norwegian
Headquarters Straumen, Norway
Circulation 1,866 (2004)

Inderøyningen is a local newspaper for the rural municipality of Inderøy in Norway. The newspaper has one weekly edition, on Fridays, with a circulation of 1,866 (2004). The newspaper is read by approximately 70% of the population.


The first edition of Inderøyningen was published on 11 March 1993.

Originally the newspaper was owned by the municipality of Inderøy (50%) and mostly other local shareholders (50%). In 2005 the regional newspaper Trønder-Avisa bought all the stock, and among other things Inderøyningen has adapted Trønder-Avisa's layout.