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Indie Royale were a series of game bundles similar in concept to the Humble Bundle. Purchasers were able to decide how much they want to pay for a bundle, but - unlike the Humble Indie Bundles - Indie Royale bundles had a minimum price. This price was increased slightly every time a buyer chooses to pay the minimum amount, and was reduced when a buyer pays significantly more than the minimum.

Indie Royale was a joint venture between the defunct video game download service Desura, which was owned by Bad Juju Games and the independent game editorial site (a sister site of Gamasutra and GDC). Bundles were released approximately once every 2 weeks and typically run for 7 days, except for "Lightning Packs" which ran for 100 hours. Every game included in an Indie Royale bundle supported the Windows operating system, and many also supported Mac OS X or Linux. There were up to 3 ways for a customer to install games purchased through Indie Royale: by using Steam, using Desura, or by directly downloading an installer. However, some games were Steam-exclusive or not on Steam at all, so the available channels varied from game to game.

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