Industria (typeface)

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Industria Solid typeface specimen.png
Category Sans-serif
Designer(s) Neville Brody
Foundry Linotype
Date created 1984

Industria is a sans-serif font designed in 1984 by Neville Brody. It was originally designed for use in The Face magazine. The font features elements of geometric precision. It is licensed by the Linotype type foundry.


Industria is used by the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder as their wordmark as well as in their logo. Industria is also used by the melodic death Metal band Dark Tranquillity, and in the logo for The X-Files. Many sports franchises owned or endorsed by Red Bull GmbH use Industria in their logo to display their location (e.g. New York Red Bulls, Austrian FC Red Bull Salzburg). It is also used in conjunction with Newport Classic to render the SimCity 2000 logo.

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