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Inertia means resistance to change. It is used in different ways in many different disciplines, some of which are listed below:


  • In physics inertia means the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.
  • Mass moment of inertia is the property of a rigid body that determines its resistance to angular acceleration about an axis of rotation
  • Area moment of inertia is a geometrical property of a body that determines its resistance to bending
  • Thermal inertia is the resistance of an object or body to temperature change in response to heat input
  • In automatic control, inertia refers to a property of dynamic systems causing time delays
  • Inertia in autism and anxiety; difficulty with starting, stopping, or changing tasks.
  • Social inertia, description of a person's resistance to change in psychology and sociology
  • Psychical inertia
  • One of the possible causes of diseconomy of scale
  • Inertia of a matrix is defined as the number of positive, negative and zero eigenvalues
  • Sleep inertia, a psychological state
  • An aspect of ecological stability called inertia
  • The tendency of scientific research programmes to ban or ignore new disturbing findings as described by Imre Lakatos and Sören Halldén