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This article is about an electronic trading platform. For other uses, see Inet (disambiguation).

Inet was an electronic trading platform based on a system developed by Instinet in the 1970s that merged with Island Exchange in 2002 and was subsequently acquired by NASDAQ in 2005.[1]

Inet, like other electronic communication networks, was an order-pairing system that give brokerage firms the power to electronically track and match reciprocal buy and sell orders at the same limit price and lot size. An efficient and reliable system that reduced costs to both brokerage firms and investors and facilitate high speed pairings of buy and sell orders.

The Inet name continues to be used by Nasdaq for later trading platforms such as the Genium Inet trading platform.


Inet was formed after Island Exchange was merged with Instinet in 2002.[2] Island changed its name to Inet ATS, Inc. ("Inet") effective November 17, 2003. A high volume of trades were routed through Island, with over $5 billion USD handled daily in 1999. Its headquarters were in 50 Broad Street, New York City.

After NASDAQ's acquisition of the Swedish OMX exchange group in 2007, it gained access to OMXs trading platform Genium[3] it used this to create the next generation of Inet called the Genium Inet trading platform.[4]


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