Inferno (video game)

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Developer(s) Digital Image Design
Publisher(s) Ocean Software
Designer(s) Shaun Hollywood
Programmer(s) Colin Bell (head), Jamie Cansdale, David Dixon, Nevil Plura
Artist(s) Robert Ball, Donna Chippendale, Shaun Hollywood
Writer(s) Robert Ball, Shaun Hollywood
Composer(s) Alien Sex Fiend, Barry Leitch
Series Epic
Engine TFX engine
Platform(s) MS-DOS
Release 1994

Inferno is a space combat simulator video game developed by Digital Image Design and published by Ocean Software in 1994 for the PC. It is a sequel to the 1992 game Epic.


The game is the sequel to the game Epic. It charts the further adventures of that game's main character as he seeks revenge on the evil Raxxons, an alien race who genetically altered him to become one of their own.



A reviewer for Next Generation gave Inferno three out of five stars, commenting that "Although [the] controls and equipment are truly inspired ... the gameplay often has a tendency to be a little hard to follow. Those with the patience to stick with it will find a unique gaming experience, but one that never fully achieves greatness."[1] Dragon reviewers gave the game 2½ and 3½ out of 5 stars.[2]

In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked it as the 44th worst game of all time, stating "Bad storyline, guttural voice acting, and way too many dull cinematics in a limp space shooter."[3]


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