Inka Raqay, Bolivia

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Inka Raqay
Salida del sol - inka rakay.JPG
Inka Raqay at sunrise during the Willkakuti ceremony in 2013
LocationBolivia, Cochabamba Department, Quillacollo Province
Coordinates17°28′44″S 66°23′6″W / 17.47889°S 66.38500°W / -17.47889; -66.38500Coordinates: 17°28′44″S 66°23′6″W / 17.47889°S 66.38500°W / -17.47889; -66.38500

Inka Raqay[1] (Quechua Inka Inca, raqay ruin, a demolished building; shed, storehouse or dormitory for the laborers of a farm; a generally old building without roof, only with walls)[2] is an archaeological site in Bolivia. It is located in the Cochabamba Department, Quillacollo Province, Sipe Sipe Municipality, near the community of Linku.[1]

Inka Raqay was declared a National Archaeological Monument by Law No. 3479 of September 22, 2006. By Law No. 295 of September 28, 2012, it was declared a Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Bolivian state. It is one of the historical places where Willkakuti, the Andean-Amazonic New Year, is celebrated.[3]


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