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Origin California
Genres Andean music, world music
Labels Fortuna Records,
Celestial Harmonies
Associated acts Kamanchaka, Takisun
Members Gonzalo Vargas, Enrique Coria, José Luis Reynolds[1]
Past members Pamela Darington, Omar Sepulveda, Jorge Tapia

Inkuyo is a multicultural musical ensemble that performs Andean music arranged by Gonzalo Vargas. Vargas is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and record producer. He founded Inkuyo with Pamela Darington, Jorge Tapia, and Omar Sepulveda in the late 1980s.[1] They published their debut album, Land of the Incas, in 1990. Inkuyo's most recent album is Pachakuti: The Overturning Of Space-Time, released in 2007.

"Wipala", the first track on their debut album, serves as a backdrop to the "Brazil Favela" segment of Ron Fricke's 1992 film Baraka.

Inkuyo's namesake is a particular village in the Andes.[1]


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