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Origin Brazil
Genres Hard Rock/Metal
Years active 1983 - 1989, 2001 -
Members Silvio Mazzei, Luiz F. Machado, Marcio Chicralla, Sidney Sohn, Wallace Cardia

Band history[edit]

Founded in 1983 by the brothers Luiz F. Machado and João H. Machado, the band had several line-ups through its history. It all started with the name, chosen by João Machado who, after a research on the Middle Ages, had a special interest in the Crusades, in the Knights Templar and in the Inquisition. The period which Silvio Mazzei and Roberto Moura (drums, former Dorsal Atlântica) joined the band marked the phase when Inquisição started to play very often in Rio de Janeiro, especially at Circo Voador and Caverna 2, the city's main Heavy Metal venues. They also recorded another demo with this line-up, with the songs Cruz de Ferro and Cães Malditos, at Estúdio Performance, which belonged to Daniel Cheese, producer and former guitarist of the band Água Brava. In 1987, the band recorded their third demo tape, again at Estúdio Performance, including the songs Tempo Fechado, Cruz de Ferro, Cães Malditos, Insano and Napalm. This tape had a great response, and was sold in the most important underground record stores in Brazil at the time.

Its songs were also played in metal radio shows such as Guitarras at Fluminense FM and Transmetálica at Transamerica FM, among others. It sold more than 2000 copies in Rio and São Paulo alone. After reviewing this demo, foreign magazines such as Kerrang (England) and Metal Hammer (Germany) considered Inquisição the best Brazilian new band of that time, and Brazilian magazines such as Rock Brigade (from São Paulo) and Metal (from Rio) also had a great coverage on it. It was also during this period that Luiz F. Machado and Silvio Mazzei became the band main songwriters, a partnership kept until today. All Inquisição songs have been written by them. In 1989 the band performed their final gig, with Jaime de Moraes on the drums, on a show with Dorsal Atlântica. In 2001, the demo was printed as a bootleg LP, which was sold all over the world. Because of the promotion of this bootleg, heavy metal websites, such as Germany's Encyclopedia Metallum, started having Inquisição pages, telling the band's history up to that year, 1987. Silvio Mazzei got a copy of this bootleg, and after some talks, the band decided to get back together after a 17 year break.

So in 2008, “One More Battle”, the band’s first official album was released. After some very positive reviews around the world, the band got the chance to be the supporting act for the great Deep Purple on February 22, 2008 at the Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, a remarkable moment in Inquisição’s history.

In 2009, Silvio and Luiz started to write new material for the band’s second album: “Reborn”. For this new effort, some new friends were invited such as Flavio Pascarillo (Drums) & Marcio Chicralla (Bass). Leonardo Pagani (Drums) & Alex Berger (Guitar) also played very important roles on this album joining Luiz, Silvio and Marcio on the live part of the cd since the band decided to re-record six songs from their early demo-tapes that will appear as bonus tracks on “Reborn” under the title : “The 1985-87 Demo Tapes Revisited”. “Reborn” was released in December 2010 under the Portuguese record label “Metal Soldiers”, thanks to Fernando Roberto.

Right now, the guys are at the studio, to work on their third album.


One More Battle[edit]

Track list:

  1. The Exorcist
  2. Going Down the Abyss
  3. The Animal
  4. Long Day Anxiety
  5. Insane Warrior
  6. Salvation Star
  7. A Touch of Reality
  8. When Faith Is Dying
  9. Survive
  10. Heaven Is Falling
  11. Sacttered Mind
  12. One More Battle


Track list:

  1. Darkest Dreams
  2. Midnight Wanderer
  3. Bullets Flying
  4. Break Down the Walls
  5. Reborn
  6. Burn you Down
  7. Death of the Sun
  8. Judgement Day
  9. One Man Revolution
  10. Grey Skies
  11. Brand New Day
  12. Caes Maldidos
  13. Cruz de Ferro
  14. Tempo Fechado
  15. Insano
  16. Napalm
  17. O Exorcista


  • Silvio Mazzei (vocals)
  • Luiz F. Machado (guitar)
  • Marcio Chicralla (bass)
  • Wallace Cardia (drums)
  • Sidney Sohn (keyboards)

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