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InstaBook Corporation manufactures book on demand equipment. It was founded in 1997, and is located in Gainesville, Florida.[1][2]

The first model of the InstaBook Maker was presented at the BookExpo in LA[clarification needed] in 1999.[3] Patents for this technology were secured in the US and around the world by its inventor, Victor Celorio.(US PATENTS 6012890,[4] 6213703,[5] Chinese Patent 97705, Mexican Patent 241092, others[6]).

InstaBook Maker is a system specifically designed to download, print and bind a book in one step[7] on site for a retail customer.[8]

InstaBook installed the first book on demand equipment in a bookstore in Canada in 2001. The first bookstore with an InstaBook in the US was the Bookends store in Ridgewood, New Jersey.[8][9]


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