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Institute Vienna Circle
Formation October 1991
Founder Friedrich Stadler
Type Nonprofit organization, research institute, philosophy organization

The Institute Vienna Circle (IVC) (Society for the Advancement of the Scientific World Conception), founded in October 1991 is an international nonprofit organization which is dedicated to the work and influence of the Vienna Circle of Logical Empiricism. Since 2011 the IVC is also a subunit of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education at the University of Vienna. The Institute’s founder and scientific director is Friedrich Stadler.


Its goal is the documentation and continued development of the Vienna Circle's work in science and public education, areas which have been neglected until now, as well as the maintenance and application of logical-empircial, critical-rational and linguistic analytical thought and construction of a scientific philosophy and world view in conjunction with general socio-cultural trends. One of the Institute's main objectives is to democratize knowledge and science as a process of enlightenment, counteracting all forms of irrational, dogmatic or fundamentalist thought, in a societal context and taking into account the latest developments in international research.[1]


  • The organisation of a large number of international workshops, conferences and seminars on the Vienna Circle, the philosophy of science and related topics.[2]
  • Publication of a number of book series in German and Englisch: Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook, the book series Vienna Circle Institute Library, the book series Wissenschaftliche Weltauffassung und Kunst, the book series Veröffentlichungen des Instituts Wiener Kreis.[3]
  • Research projects: Moritz Schlick edition project in cooperation with the University of Rostock,[4] Ernst Mach edition project.[5] Numerous completed and ongoing research projects.[6]
  • The IVC is involved in the doctoral programme The Sciences in Historical, Philosophical, and Cultural Contexts[7] and the master’s study programme History and Philosophy of Science.[8]
  • Since 2001 the IVC organises the annual Vienna International Summer University – Scientific World Conceptions.[9]
  • In 2015 the IVC organises the first exhibition on the Vienna Circle at the University of Vienna.[10]


The IVC hosts a unique research library of outstanding value to researchers all over the world. It includes jewels such as Otto Neurath's Private Library, the Robert S. Cohen Collection and Archives, the Adolf Grünbaum Archives, the Kurt Blaukopf Library, the Kurt R. Fischer Library and the Eugene T. Gadol Library.

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