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The Institute of Brewing & Distilling
Abbreviation IBD
Formation 1998
Legal status Non-profit company
  • 44A Curlew Street, Butler's Wharf, London, SE1 2ND
Region served
Website IBD

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) is an industry trade association for brewers and distillers, both in the United Kingdom and internationally. The IBD has its headquarters on Clarges Street in London. The Institute is licensed through the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist status to qualifying members.


The institute can trace its roots back to 1886 when a group of ten scientists with interests in malting and brewing science formed The Laboratory Club, which later became the Institute of Brewing (IoB). In October 1906 a group of Yorkshire brewers established the Operative Brewers' Guild, which changed its name to the Brewers' Guild in 1929. The Guild and the Institute merged to form the Institute and Guild of Brewing (IGB) in 2001, which was later renamed as the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in 2005.[1]

Aims of the Institute[edit]

The mission of the institute is to inform and educate member brewers and distillers in commercial industry.[2]

This is done by:

  • Publishing the Brewer and Distiller International (monthly)
  • Publishing Journal of the Institute of Brewing
  • Holding Technical conferences internationally
  • Offering International qualifications at various levels and in various fields

Sections of the IBD[edit]

As the IBD traditionally served the British brewing industry, there are four geographical sections within the UK:

  • UK Great Northern Section
  • UK Midlands Section
  • UK Scottish Section
  • UK Southern Section

With the decline in the British brewing industry and the rise in the amalgamation in the brewing industry across the globe there has been a steady increase in the international section - particularly active are the Africa and Asia-Pacific sections.

  • Irish Section
  • Africa Section
  • Asia Pacific Section
  • International Section

Qualifications and Examinations[edit]

The IBD Qualifications are a range of industry related examination that attempts to be inclusive of all styles and levels of commercial brewing.[3] The qualifications are a very important source of recruits to the Institute.

The examination categories are:

  • Beer Academy - Courses educating beer professionals as well as enthusiasts leading up to the Accredited Beer Sommelier program[4]
  • Fundamentals - for people entering the industry
  • General Certificate - for people with two years experience in the industry
  • Diploma - for those with a more scientific background and 2 to 3 years in the industry
  • Master Brewer's Exams - for those with the Diploma and 5 years technical management experience in a brewery

The qualifications cross sub-disciplines in the industry:

Publications of the IBD[edit]

The Brewer and Distiller International is a full colour monthly publication that is sent out to full IBD members.[5]

The Journal of the Institute of Brewing is a quarterly academic journal of peer-reviewed published research articles.[6]


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